Extreme Creativity from 1 NWVoices Team acknowledged with Ranatra Fusca Award

Problem 1, Division 1: STEUART WELLER ELE SCH
The team’s solution made the judges laugh multiple times at this visit to the dentist! The solution started with a team member in a custom-built dental chair. During the procedure we are able to see what’s happening inside the patient’s mouth with set pieces constructed to create a giant open mouth. Say “Ahhhh”!! Crossovers in perspective saw prop teeth ‘extracted” from the set to become a required obstacle for the vehicle to overcome. The team’s design and creation of a dental device to save the world was ingenious. The device served brilliantly to integrate the reaction into the solution to the Problem. A creative dance routine also enhanced the team’s theme: “Floss, floss, baby!


Problem 1, Division 1 (67 teams)
Steuart Weller ES – 🏆FIRST PLACE!🏆
Hillsboro Charter Academy – 13th
Meadowland ES – 56th
Newton Lee ES – 64th
Problem 3, Division 1 (120 teams)
Rosa Lee Carter ES – 42nd
Lowes Island ES – 48th
Emerick ES – 96th
Problem 3, Division 2 (90 teams)
Harmony Middle School – somewhere between 7th and 12th (made final 12 but not the top 6)
Harmony Middle School (B) – 70th
Problem 3, Division 3 (59 teams)
Riverside HS – 26th
Stone Bridge HS – 35th
Problem 5, Division 1 (55 teams)
Emerick Elementary School – 13th
Problem 5, Division 2 (60 teams)
Belmont Ridge MS – 34th
Lunsford MS – 46th
Problem 5, Division 3 (37 teams)
Stone Bridge HS – 10th