School coordinators for LCPS schools:

As you may have seen, there have been some notable changes to Odyssey of the Mind memberships. While there have been significant increases to individual school membership prices, Creative Competitions, International (CCI) has announced substantial price breaks when multiple schools from the same school district register at the same time. Additionally, CCI has recently provided a method for regional districts to register individual schools but still allow individual schools to arrange for payment on their own. Regions 14 and 16 are delighted with that capability and would like to extend an offer to schools in our district to participate in a group registration to achieve a bulk discount.

If your school would like to join with other LCPS schools to purchase your membership, please fill out this form. If six or more schools choose to participate, all will receive discounted pricing of $240 per membership. If 11 or more schools participate, pricing will be $190 per membership. 

We will place the group order on October 28, 2022. Once the order is placed, you will receive an email from Odyssey of the Mind detailing how to make your payment.

Please contact if you have any questions or need to change your response. 

As always, thank you for all you do for the OMers of Loudoun County – we look forward to seeing you all again!


Tom Coate and Sheryl Lemma
Regional Co-Directors, NWVoices
Catoctin Region 14 and Dulles Region 16